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Wharton School has arranged for a series of lectures

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instance the use of the so called disinfecting broom which

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be cured. Our greater success therefore is owing in a great

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Adapted to the treatment of Obstinate Constipation in Weak or Broken Dofi

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seven patients were cured in six days. Dr. Rohe Maryland Medical

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on discovering sugar in the urine condemn a patient as

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other patients the cavity shrinks but the pleura and the lung are invaded

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one of the most progressive and cultured of the physicians of our State

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then we think the propriety of tendon transplantation should receive

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pulation extension traction etc. brought to bear on the

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tourniquet was re applied for twenty minutes and at the end

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dilute sulphuric acid a precipitate is formed which when carefully washed

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The th Annual Meeting of the Medical Society of New

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extracting from the blood whereas incomplete tissue metabolism with

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Ver great violence extensive fracture of vault and base severe injury

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was decided positively in the negative. The nerve had already

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The first case that called Goldthwaite s attention to

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IN discussing alcohol as a factor in the causation of mental disease

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Contagious diseases immunity of city bred recruits A. G. Love and

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But persons who tender such advice as is here indicated appear

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