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tive of muscular spasm. The intussusception would be
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of anthrax except that they are more slender are under certain
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some of those in the infected households who have con
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Montreal General Hospital with persistent vomiting of four or five days
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healthy side or in disease of the apices to compress the
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toxicity such as nausea and restlessness which may occur in up to
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however they are found empty and their walls degener
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ever is very arbitrary and seldom consults hygiene in matters
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derness over the site of the mass is less intense while the frequent
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He labors now as he labored two score years ago well
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of the causes of disease of the recognition and interpretation
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give of the morbid appearances is compiled from Dr Hamilton s
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tion of the walls of the scrotum. A discharge continued
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bonate of soda alcohol. The mustard plaster produced a large
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fomentations amp c. to the neck after the discharge has ceased
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region of the pylorus midway between the costal margin of the right
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and its capillaries. The liver on the other hand showed marked fatty
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the resistance is produced by the living state and that dead cells ofifer
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petent. Were the hospitals of Paris to make up their
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often present. Rochard doubted the diagnostic value of the presence of
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limb. This precaution will be found to be doubly necessary whey
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foremost rank I think he was deficient in some of the
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tected itself against the ravages of insects for ages and was
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soned not long ago by a new pair of kid gloves which
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Almost continuously during the operation a jet of sub
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because it is then that the nervous strains incident upon
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Dr. Lankester stated that the deputation had proceeded out
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teaches that disease like physicality itself is in the realm of
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shortly after the appearance of Harvey s great work.
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It is not just then that the surviving fragments of morality
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their surface some separate yellow in the centre and surrounded
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and in many large gynaecological clinics the use of radium has
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stain they may present a hom gt us appearance usually of a violel
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carry the patient beyond the menopause and that after
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