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It is very important that the presence of obstruction should

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Under diseases of the kidneys John R. Bradford takes up par

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closely allied and in the true spirit of philosophical research be

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was about whereupon the salt crystallized. It dissolves readily in water

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consequently the part never comes outside. If the wound has not

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speculation. The healed hepatic gumma for example leaves no clinical

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thus giving outlet for two small ponds. Another where road drain

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little attention for there is no pain the skin is of its

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Russia where the excessive prevalence of the disease and the

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secondary papilloma has been found upon the pleura in such cases

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being rapidly bled to death or when their arteries are ligatured. It is

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viz. the uselessness and danger of gauze drainage. Many surgeons have

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the extreme base where there is a definite bronchial breathing and

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enteric fever have been under treatment in the hospital but

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and nodular mixed form. Woman ti. marked family and personal history of

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port of medical affairs in the old hospital Szpitalu Star o

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shoulders sacral back ache got tired very easily could

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that you cannot get it out or rub it down after giving the

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slight inflammation lasting a few days. The important scientific

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cance. At different periods in the history of medicine

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school doctor should go through some special courses in neu

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the broken piece was not entirely removed. He had also succeeded

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pushed out peritoneum which in time contracts firm adhesion

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the effused blood to become absorbed naturally but in the last

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disk and sometimes paralysis. Hydatid disease may develop inside the

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almost beyond endurance are sofFeruig shock and all the cir

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in the well known and appropriated regions of convalescence.

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mentioned in the Guy s Hospital Eeports and by Mr. Wood.

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breech presented child still born. About six months ago I attended

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for such operation. The blood was removed the bleeding

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the experiments of Adams show that concentrations above the atmos

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make no strain upon the roots nor break any hair in disen

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quantity are of an acrid irritating quality producing yiolent pa

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obtained from petroleum. Parafln is valuable in pharma

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talent to the best advantage. Varied are the topics her graceful pen

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disease and eventually rid himself of the infection harbored in his

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of some of these split products were made and will be reported

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the process of immunisation and thrust oft into the circulation

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the abdomen to the throat weeping laughing vomiting and palpita

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tion to the whole organism that the very slightest determing causes

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cial conditions in each case indicate that they be