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reported did not exceed twenty. This showed the disease

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vulsions are not uncommon and as regards severity all grades are ea

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In English French German and American journals from

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published in The Daily Mail and Empire May. that it had

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information on the natural course of syphilis infection.

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not as an exhaustive account of all worth seeing fur this

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become so reduced and consequently the convalescence is more rapid.

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friends still unconfined. Their influence should be

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grees of consanguinity. In some instances these restric

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As on the removal of the healthy part of the regiment there

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greatest risk that the heart would again be iuvolvcd.

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of the dose required to produce their specific effects they are pe

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blood in gouty subjects seem to he the most w.idely accepted.

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some little time for perfect healing this must be con

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Military Hospital. Orpington England is home on three

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There may be pleurisy either cancerous or sero fibrinous. The effusion

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rectum and were the author to follow this example eight such

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Two ounces with the same quantity of laudanum repeated every

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a fixed look stretches forth his hands over his patient whose body

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steps to cause the appointment of a Roman Catholic Doctor to

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be reached in the absence of a more detailed examination.

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much on your time by requesting your special atten

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medical science is under to the learned physicians of

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The better method is to fill the skull and measure the

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such sarcasm need not disturb your equanimity remember that

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three years of age. The rule of feeding no hot bread or pastry

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of the individual as bad teeth defective vision diseased

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Had lost two thirds of her blood recovered aftiT duodenal

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phine has been ineffectual save to an almost negligible degree

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consist of tepid water with a small quantity of sodium

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contact. We have in these cases a peculiar alterat

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Etiology The bacillus tuberculosis avinni obtained from

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