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paralysis resulting from haemorrhage into the gray mat

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sources of the disease the germs of which may remain

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enterostomy performed because the induration to the pylorus and

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at five or six points. All bleeding was arrested by catgut ligatures cut

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Jack L. Mason BS Mansfield State College MEd Pennsylvania State University

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Btreet. A report will be read on the London Water supply.

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person be allowed upon application in writing to do so upon the

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filaments are usually formed which show tremendous variations in the

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attended unih convulsions. The quinine was given in a single dose

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raceous vomiting with obstinate constipation. The patient died during the night.

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Dr. Rollo Campbell referred to a case he had seen in the London

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serious conditions which attended the first two cases. By that I

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formed but not hard or dry. On Friday afternoon she suddenly

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rant effect each has upon the mental functions and its ex

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He gave a course of six lectures on the anatomy of the

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well in certain instances of gastric haemorrhage and it will be interesting to

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together by slips of sticking plaster. The ligatures came away in

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keep it from slipping off and a rubber sheet must be spread over

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ated and necrotic muscle cells with endothelial cells and poly

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are examined only in the most important departments of

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admitted into the German Hospital Weber Medical TLnua and

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coma is usually associated with a high degree of aci

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long vastus and the semi tendinosus muscles. She had been