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Dr. Frederick C. Wamshuis Grand Rapids chief surgeon oi

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its nature is seriously questioned by the neurologists.

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Treat in the same manner as a fracture of both bones except that

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mittee with your indulgence I will read a By Law in order

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and he came to hospital again. Mr Turner performed amputation

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under hydraulic presses made into compact bales for transportation.

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Through Dr. Ellsworth invitations were received to visit the

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retard labor or in any way harm the mother or child. See to

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But disturbance of the nerve mechanism of the heart is more or less

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MuLLER P. T. The solubility of typhoid antigen in chloroform in the

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taining antiseptic properties. Subnitrate of bismuth is best given in

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vessels by the posterior popliteal region in its entire extent.

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made observations on the effect of strongly bactericidal anilin dyes

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Professor of Materia Medica and Pharmacy in Trinity College Dublin.

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urethra. Mr. Raymond Johnson referred to a phthisical

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