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ses ing specific characteristics for every disease one can
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gratuitously at their homes mostly by Dr. Clara C. Austin and
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extent sufficient to create apprehension of its being exported the chief sanitary
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sick. And they will unblushingly accept medical charity before any
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Member of the College who sh.all thereupon be removed as aforesaid shall
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a return to free play of our instincts and emotional strivings the
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exudation if pursued in thfi earlier stages. I have seen it extensively
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This is continued until the sore has a healthy appearance and the
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tions for participation in the wave motion by the external circulation.
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departments Ixdng accepted as equivalent to similar courses and
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of the West Derby Local Board. On January th the Board pro
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glands except that the condition is more marked particularly
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where he could be given the cold bath treatment more conveniently.
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scapula is tilted upward as the elbow moves upward. So much for these
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time. It will aid much to restore health and condition. Be
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remains normal during the first two or three minutes then it
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consist uniformly of glandular tissue precisely sim
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reaction. The technic of the method has been variously modified
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colonie penitentiaire la Nouvelle Caledonie. Arch de
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with it and pass through it. The air in going in and coming
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only exceptionally. Older dogs suffer from chronic nephritis
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one the chin full and rounded the eyes and hair variable but
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tive or senile theory enunciated may account for at
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rapidly into collapse from shock and sudden death ensues. Fortunately
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of the macula and a considerable degree of myopia as indicated
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hardly admitted to be coordinate with the dispensation of medicine
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cares of the farm and the kitchen and to the compila
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domestic animals than is generally supposed. Up to the present
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disease. Unless serious injury is done to the brain or cord
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The total increase in weight of the three dogs of B
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Tomited a considerable quantity of black blood evidently swal
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means known by men for the reformation of the drunkard. This
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other regions may suffer. I may close with an interesting instance
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Firstly Their most obvious and natural use is in the treatment