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York laboratory has done something toward establishing the

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Gross says that to examine properly a woman s breast she

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they constitute a short association and inhibitory system for

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ance of the flesh. Sulphurous acid produced less discoloration

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sulphas is highly beneficial and may be given in doses of i.

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There is however another symptom of the management of which

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Little come under this last category and as a difficult labour

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tioned exposure to extreme cold sudden alternations of

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upon the brain the pleura or elsewhere. Hence I never

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be found to accustom themselves to this diet or to endure

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obtained. Bone marrow either raw and spread upon bread or in the

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ration to tlie invalid. The region is especially adapted

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out sections and at first thought it appears as if the growth of

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cular muscular coat of the intestine represent sections of those

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water is preferable and this should be followed by the

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in Madras where not a house escaped and it attacked

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protein by heat while still alkaline. Phosphoric acid was used to

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treated the defect removed and obtain a certification from the

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Medical Research Committee. The latter however state that gelatin