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dealers as well as by those dispensing any such drugs directly
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Thk following communication has been placed in our hands with a request for
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It is kept up by the careful administration of Tartar Emetic.
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teristic cases have been described of late years. The case of E. Wagner
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In the treatment of all cases of opium poisoning attention must
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b b The convolutions or windings of the small intestines.
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the last three days. Now whenever you meet with a symptom of
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then simulate the appearance of inflammation. In this passage
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carbohydrates. His diet table for obesity is appended
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bronchopneumonia. It is this complication which makes
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universally distributed. From clinical observation it has a vital
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G. Bacterial Protein Injections in Influenzal Pneumonia
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development hirsnties and obesity seen in children. As rare
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Marvel Carl Shipp Profeesor of Chemistry University of Arizona
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the stump heals by granulation and iliat as the ends of
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skin or choroid may lead to secondary growths in the liver including
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Another way of immediately ftimulating the heart and arteries
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spent until after from twenty four to fortv eigfat hours.. Papaverin acts
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When spasm partial in distribution affects the lower part of the face
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following section shall be added and numbered a namely Tnde.
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if the stomach will bear it. It is sometimes better to give
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The direct consequence of paralysis of the muscles of the larynx
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