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Hydrogen sulphide may be prepared in the laboratory by

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roamed by the physiologist alone will be thrown wide to

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have noted among the effects of the injections of this serum albu

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tallized with age. They were of the flower of our country

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lished also with even a greater fulness of detail than is compatible with

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with such diagnoses as meningitis typhoid fever brain fever marasmus

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Art. V. Military authority may make an appeal to the charitable zeal of

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For instance functional endocardial or blood murmurs are the

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is not always a simple one and as regards recovery

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in the blood. Young cats are particularly recommended as suitable subjects for

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room for a small margin of cases referable to the kidney.

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tion of heat and force il can mend or make bone mus

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The Committee on Examination made a report which was

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fact that cultivation materially affects the therapeutic

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ment. Sur le meilleur mode de traiteiuent des hernies

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March. Patient is in good health no signs of recurrence.

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accidentally present such as carbonic acid ammonia

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portion of the temporal lobe extended from the beginning of the first temporal

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to improve a Medical school than the knowledge that all the

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superannuation allowance under the Act of Parliament notwithstand

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for infectious disease before long. It is in some senses unfor

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not in the habit of advising it. It has been my prac

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have always found that the work was efficiently done.

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ments in force in regard to prostitution and enercal disease. From

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Mastitis is endemic in the herd that has supplied most of the

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Narcissus in succession and there was a continual apprehension

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employed should be the tuberculin residuatum or tuberculin R. which is

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harrponize and physicians are coming to regard this old

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all her strength and in concert with the uterine contractions

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benefit just as there are lean individuals whom no amount

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data relating to the germicidal power of various chemical

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cultures into the veins under the skin and into the lungs of

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note which intimates that his opinion was altered in con