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ance to the future practitioner. The subject is such

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The same cause produces different symptoms according to the

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up. A strong cord is then passed through the hole in the block

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the pleura presents a generally nodular appearance. Pleural fluid may

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complete removal of the parathyroid bodies because it has been

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on Venereal Disease and the Medical Control of Prosti

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sweets and more solid refreshment. On Tuesday evening the

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gives an idea how widespread the infection was five years ago.

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was found and only slight rare and superficial spots of ulceration.

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fourteen cases but only those of Grotius Ruysch and Blasius and a

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gested vessels giving to it the dark violet color. It

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duce symptoms in the organ with which it is joined and

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tion in which he is placed. His respirations are imperceptible

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a correct diagnosis is afforded by the known effects of certain

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pelvis. This cause observes M. Burns is especially

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collected from the literature confirmed the results of our original

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etc. is generally well preserved but the power of putting together new

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might be expected in progressive muscular atrophy nor

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in relieving spasmodic and false labor pains. The reader is

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